The T62 Hotel furnished in modern style located in the center of Budapest.

The hotel, thanks to its location is an excellent choice if you are interested in museums, theaters, or the historical Budapest.

Hungarian Opera House

600 m from the hotel

The Opera House is not only one of Budapest’s most significant historic buildings but also the first institution of the 300-year-old Hungarian opera, and the symbol of the Hungarian classical music culture. The impressive palace, designed by Miklós Ybl, opened its doors on 27th September 1884. The 3-ton bronze auditorium chandelier, which can be lowered to the ground floor chairs by the help of a hand-winch, is a historical relic of applied arts today. The Hungarian State Opera House, which is a member of the Opera Europa, is a nationally recognised, state-owned theatre and performing arts organisation.

Hungarian Parliament 

900 m from the hotel

This fabulous monument with impressive features and stunning architecture located only 15 minutes from the hotel, next to the Danube river bank. Walk around the Parliament which is one of the oldest legislatives buildings in Europe and catch the changing of the guards in the Kossuth Lajos square.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

1 100 m from the hotel

The Roman Catholic St. Stephen’s Basilica, also known as the Parish Church of Lipótváros, is one of the most important religious buildings in Hungary, and one of the greatest tourist attractions in Budapest. It is the main site of St. Stephen-cult: the basilica is named after the founder of the Hungarian State, Stephen I. (Saint), whose right hand, ‘The Holy Right’, which remained intact, is kept here as a relic.  

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