Parking around T62 Hotel

Parking on the street

  • House based parking system on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
  • Parking fee is 600 HUF/hour (only HUF coins)
  • Parking can be paid for a max. of 3 hours in advance

Weiner parking lot 

  • You can easily find a parking space in the 6th or 7th districts in the center of town, near the Nyugati Railway Station
  • Open: 0-24 – Monday to Sunday
  • Parking fee: 7 900 HUF/day
  • Address: 1066 Budapest, Weiner Leó u. 16.
  • Payment can be made at the our reception, we will give you a voucher for the drive in and out

Westend City Center Outdoor parking lots

  • Open: 0-24 – Monday to Sunday
  • Parking fee: 3 000 HUF/half day
  • Approach:
    - Ferdinánd bridge
    - From aside of Ferdinánd bridge through the spiral
    - By driving up to Millenium roof garden and going through the A level
    - By turning right from Ferdinánd bridge

Westend City Center Bus parking lot

  • Open: 0-24
  • Parking fee: 380 HUF/hour
  • Approach:
    - Ferdinánd bridge
    - From Váci street, under the bridge on the service road (max. 3 meter height!)
    - On the left at the end of the service road next to Ferdinánd bridge

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